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A daily phenomenon: Snoring

Snoring affects around 20 million of people every night in France; including snorers and relatives. This phenomenon is more current among men than women (60 % for men and 40 % for women). Nevertheless, snoring frequency increases for women after menopause.

What is snoring?

Medically called ronchopathy, snoring is the noise caused by sleeper during inhalation. The air flow brings resonance of soft tissues of palate and uvula. It is the phenomenon which causes the characteristic sound of snoring.

Snorer can make more or less noisy sound, which can climb till 100 decibels: the noise of train with 300 km/h speed or a jackhammer operating.

Some factors or circumstances can increase snoring frequencies:
- Aging: by slackening of tissue
- Overweight: by causing obstruction of superior aerial ways
- Nasal congestion: caused by a temporally cold and allergy
- Alcohol and sleeping pill


How to finally spend restful nights?

Nozoair® is a range of high quality products, patented and with proven efficiency. Those products contribute to spend a silent and restful night for snorers and relatives.
Nozoair® nasal strips: it improves nasal breathing by dilating nasal ways.
Nozoair® anti-snoring nasal spray: its lubricant effects on palate acts on light snores.