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Nasal congestion

What is the nasal congestion ?

Nasal congestion, also called nasal obstruction, is a narrowing of air intakes in nasal ways. It can cause a breathing discomfort conducting to breath through mouse. Yet, nasal breathing is essential for an optimal functioning of breathing ways. 

Which are the causes of nasal congestion ?

Nasal congestion is often caused by a cough or an allergy creating a mucus wax in nasal cavity or cones inflammation. It can hinder hearing, slow down speech development (for young children), cause snoring and also sleeping apnea. 

What are the symptoms ?

The main symptoms is the blocked nose sensation. Cough, nasal discharge, fever, itching, and headache are also characteristic of nasal congestion, in particular in case of a cold.

If nasal congestion persists, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or a pharmacist.