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Presentation of the website 
The purpose of www.nozoair.com is to provide information regarding the pharmaceutical laboratory TRADIPHAR and Nozoair's products. The website is intended, without distinction, for doctors, pharmacists and hospital employees, the press and the general public, residing in France.

www.nozoair.com is the property of TRADIPHAR SAS Laboratory entered on the Lille Trade and Companies Register under number 950 387 910, with share capital of €150,000 and having its registered office at 176 rue de l'arbrisseau - 59000 LILLE.
TRADIPHAR is subject to VAT under number FR 62 950 387 910.

www.nozoair.com is edited by TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory. It is hosted by TRADIPHAR.

The Director of Publication of www.nozoair.com and the responsible person for treatment of data regarding the GDPR regulation is Mr. Manuel Dassonneville, as Marketing Director of TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory.

Users of the website can contact the webmaster by email at the following address:contact@tradiphar.com.

Accessing the website
The user hereby acknowledges that simply by accessing and browsing the website, it accepts without reservations the present legal information and undertakes to ensure respect hereof (in the event of modification hereof, please see the paragraph concerned).

The website may provide access to other websites, whether or not related to TRADIPHAR, likely to have their own legal information which should be read and respected.

Users of www.nozoair.com hereby acknowledge that they have the capacity and means necessary to access and use the website.
Users of www.nozoair.com hereby acknowledge that they have checked their computer settings and that there are no viruses and is in perfect working order. 
Users hereby acknowledge to have been notified that www.nozoair.com is accessible 24/7, excluding in the case of force majeure, computer difficulties, any problems related to telecommunications networks or technical issues.
For maintenance purposes, TRADIPHAR laboratory may suspend access to the website where necessary. 
Users hereby declare that the cost of accessing and browsing www.nozoair.com is payable by itself alone.

TRADIPHAR laboratory may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages which may result from access or use of the website, including the inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses which may affect the computer hardware of the user, and/or presence of viruses on the website.

In such instance as a user accesses the website from any country other than France, he hereby undertakes to also ensure respect of local legislation applicable.

Information included on the website 
Information presented on the website is published and checked by staff at TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory. The laboratory takes all measures to ensure that the information and/or tools accessible for users are accurate and up to date.

However, TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory under no circumstances whatsoever guarantees that information is accurate, complete and up to date at the time of consultation online. It may not be held liable for any error or omission, lack of availability of information and services. 
Consequently, users hereby acknowledge to use this information under their sole and exclusive liability.

At any time whatsoever, TRADIPHAR laboratory reserves the right to amend or delete information provided on its website.

Information published online under no circumstances constitutes a medical diagnosis. Please consult a doctor.

Personal Data/ GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
No personal data is required for consultation and accessing this website. Users are notably informed that, pursuant to article 27 of the French law of 6 January 1978, personal information sent by the user on forms present online is intended for TRADIPHAR laboratory. 

Data collection is in conformity with the laws and regulation applicable for personal data protection in particular: pursuant to article 27 of the French law of 6 January 1978 relative to informatics, files and liberty ; regulation (EU) 2016/679 of European Parliament and Council of April 27th 2016  (GDPR General Data Protection Regulation following “GRPD”), came into force on May 25th 2018; and other normative act, decree and regulation or disposition which will be edited by an authority of the personal data protection national or European.

Personal data which users may be led to provide is undertaken on a voluntary basis. In such instance as users fail to provide this information, TRADIPHAR laboratory is unable to process the corresponding files.

Where users enter personal data on the website, they hereby undertake that said information is accurate and does not prejudice the best interests and rights of third parties. Users are hereby notified that they have a right to access, amend and delete personal data by sending an email to : contact@tradiphar.com or writing to: 
Laboratoire TRADIPHAR
Mr Manuel Dassonneville
176 Rue de l'arbrisseau
59000 LILLE

Cookies are blocks of data which do not allow for identification of users but are used to store information pertaining to browsing on the website. Use of cookies is intended to analyse frequency, audience measurement and improvement of the quality of the website.

Users are hereby notified that during visits to the website, a cookie may be automatically installed on its web browser.

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TRADIPHAR laboratory does not use cookies for browsing its website.

However, you can refuse the storage of cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your web browser ("Tools" under the menu bar and then "Internet Options"). 

Intellectual property
TRADIPHAR laboratory is solely and exclusively entitled to use intellectual property rights attached to www.nozoair.com.

In such instance as a user wishes to use any content on the website (text, images, etc.), he hereby undertakes to request prior consent in writing from TRADIPHAR laboratory, by writing to the address indicated under the article pertaining to personal data or by sending an email to the webmaster at: contact@tradiphar.com.

www.nozoair.com in full and all elements which comprise the website (such as text, site maps, software, animations, images, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, logos, sound, music, etc.) notwithstanding any special indication, are the sole and exclusive property of TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory and are the object of a right of use, exploitation and reproduction.

All trademarks and logos belonging to TRADIPHAR laboratory and appearing on the website are registered trademarks and the property of TRADIPHAR Laboratory.

Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of these trademarks or logos, whether alone or integrated into other elements, without the prior express consent of TRADIPHAR laboratory is prohibited, and commits the liability of the user as defined under articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

These elements are governed by legislation protecting copyright. Consequently, no licence, or other right, aside for that of consulting information, is conferred to any party whomsoever in light of intellectual property rights.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, transmission, distortion, in whole or in part, of the website or its content, by any means whatsoever, and on any medium whatsoever without having gained the prior consent of the laboratory is prohibited and constitutes counterfeit.

Breach of these provisions is subject to sanctions for which provision is made under the French Intellectual Property Code and the French Criminal Code, notably y virtue of counterfeit of copyright and trademark rights, as well as the Civil Code concerning civil liability.

Users hereby undertake, subject to seeing their civil and/or criminal liability incurred, not to use www.nozoair.com to send, by any method whatsoever (email or other), any content including programmes, codes, viruses intended to damage or limit the functions of the website.

TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory is the proprietor of the domain name http://www.nozoair.comwww.nozoair.com is a work of creation and, consequently, is protected by intellectual property law and copyright.

Consequently, pursuant to the provisions set forth under the French Intellectual Property code, the legislative and regulatory provisions of all countries and international conventions, use of www.nozoair.com in whole or in part, notably by downloading, reproduction, transmission, representation or distribution, for other purposes than the personal and private use of the web user for any non commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Any unauthorised use of the website or its content, and information included therein, incurs the liability of the user and constitutes counterfeit as sanctioned by articles L 335-2 et seq of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Respect of legislation 
TRADIPHAR SAS laboratory hereby notifies users of www.nozoair.com that all laws and regulations in force are applicable to the internet. 
The present legal information is established pursuant to French law, and notably the provisions set forth under French law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 "on confidence in the digital economy", as well as French law no. 78-17 of 16 January 1978 "pertaining to data protection and freedom of information" and ; regulation (EU) 2016/679 of European Parliament and Council of April 27th 2016  (GDPR).

Users of www.nozoair.com are notably legally bound to respect the provisions set forth under the French law of 6 January 1978 pertaining to data protection and freedom of information, of which any breach will be punished by criminal sanctions.
They should also refrain from any collection, misuse and, more widely, any action likely to harm the privacy or reputation of people concerning personal data to which they have access.

TRADIPHAR laboratory hereby reserves the right, in the framework of interactive services, to immediately delete without prior notice, any content of any nature whatsoever, and notably any message, text, image, graphic which breaches legislation and regulations in force and notably the aforementioned regulations.

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ANSM Charter
The information included on the website has been published in respect of the "Charter for communication and promotion of healthcare products (medication and medical devices) online and on e-media". (French regulation available on ANSM website)  
TRADIPHAR laboratory hereby reserves the right to amend or delete, at any time, information provided on www.nozoair.com in order to ensure it complies with successive updates of this charter.

Hypertext links
All hypertext links implemented on www.nozoair.com and coming from other resources present on the internet have received prior express consent.

Users and visitors of www.nozoair.com may not under any circumstances whatsoever implement any hypertext link towards this website or others without the prior written consent of TRADIPHAR Laboratory. 
Any claim for this purpose should be sent to the Director of Publication for www.nozoair.com. Please see contact details in the paragraph concerning personal data.

Modification of legal information
TRADIPHAR laboratory hereby reserves the right to amend the present notice at any time and without notice. These modifications are published online and deemed as accepted without reserves when you access www.nozoair.com subsequent to publication online. Users hereby undertake to consult this information regularly.

Applicable legislation in the event of disputes 
www.nozoair.com was developed in France. The website is hosted in France. French law is therefore applicable.  
The preset legal information on the website is governed by French law.
In the event of any dispute, French courts will hold sole and exclusive jurisdictional competence.

Jurisdictional clause
For any dispute, sole and exclusive jurisdictional competence is granted to Douai Court of Appeal (France).

Date of publication
Juillet 2018.