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A snorer who takes no benefit from his nights

A night dream without stars

Even if snoring does not disturb snorers from sleeping, it often discomforts his relatives causing insomnia. Snoring affects both men and women, even if men tend to snore more often.

Can snorer’s sleep be restful?

Snoring does not allow people to inhale enough oxygen to recharge their batteries. This can cause tiredness as soon as awaking. Thus, there is a lack of concentration and attention during the day.

Snoring and sleeping apnea

In general, snoring is harmless and does not have consequences over snorer’s health. Nevertheless, the more snoring is important, the more snorer misses oxygen. This sign must be related to sleeping apnea, which affects 3 % of snorers. Sleeping apnea is a more or less short breathing break with variable frequencies during the night.

It can cause headaches, tiredness, somnolence on short term and even hypertension and cardiovascular troubles on long term.

It is a disease which needs to be taken into account. It is important to consult a doctor in case of strong snoring and/or breathing break during the night.

A saving change of position

If your partner makes light bothering snores, force him to change position without awaking him. This solution can also help reducing snores.